Thursday & Wednesday – bonded

1 1/2 year old male and female / Available at the Station

Thursday was relinquished to us with his gal-pal, Wednesday. Their owners could no longer care for them. Thursday is the more social of the two; he approaches you almost the minute you step foot into his pen. He adores getting attention and love from the humans! He loves being held, cuddled and giving lots of kisses. He is very interactive and social with other dogs, although he seems happiest just being with Wednesday.

Wednesday is very much on the timid side and takes a little while to warm up; seeming to be most at ease when Thursday is around. Once she gets to know you, however, she is as happy as can be to see you! With a happy tail, she’ll try to be the first to greet you every time. She’s very energetic and likes to play. She’s also good with other dogs. They are definitely a bonded pair, so they would need to go to a home together.

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