12 year old male / Available at the Station

We like to imagine Neville grew up in a small village in the British countryside, and spent his days between the pub and solving murder mysteries. In reality, Neville was a stray, wandering the streets of California, before ending up in a shelter. In spite of that, he has the personality of a dog who spends his Sunday afternoons at the pub. But Neville really is a mystery; what we do know is this charmer came to us with one of the best sets of teeth we’ve ever seen. Due to health reasons, we had to get his teeth worked on and sadly, his bottom row of teeth are no longer the wonderful teeth only a mother (and us) could love. He also had to have an eye removed. Neville is now more traditionally handsome with his more manicured mouth. Neville truly is a mellow chap. While some dogs lose their minds when we get visitors to our facility, Neville keeps his cool. He takes an interest in strangers, and is social with other dogs, but he is a lad who sits back and does his own thing. His days solving crimes are behind him, and now Neville prefers the simple life. He enjoys sleep, food, and good company. Why not? He is very friendly and adores attention when he gets it, but he will not beg. No, this little man has dignity. He’s lived through whatever he’s lived through. He’s seen what he’s seen. Now, Neville is enjoying his life in retirement, and all he has left to do is find the family who will give him his forever home, and maybe an occasional shepherd’s pie. Neville does have his quirks. At dinnertime, he will sometimes whimper. Likely, he’s singing an old British pub song. Also, he has a tendency to sleep in odd positions—a leg in the air—or arms crossed, as if smoking a pipe. More than likely, he’s reminiscing about his good old days when he was solving murders over mutton stew.

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