13 year old male / Available at the Station

Milo was born to be on television — or cereal boxes — or on the cover of magazines. Regardless, he was born to be in your living room. His award-winning smile warms every home. He’s one of the friendliest dogs around, and is the first to come and greet visitors, and will be the first to greet you in your home. Always enthusiastic. Always attentive, he’s your most loyal companion.

Milo was relinquished to us by his owner because she could no longer give him the care and attention he deserves. Milo was born deaf and, due to age, has gone blind. His sense of smell is still very much intact as he knows when someone is close. However, it’s still best to approach him slowly as not to startle him. In spite of all of that, Milo is the friendliest, most attentive dog around. He never misses a beat, and will be the first to greet you when you come home.

Milo does well with other dogs, although sometimes, it can get a little rowdy when he bumps into them because he can’t see them. Despite Milo’s age and ailments, we know he’d make a great addition to a loving home. He adores receiving attention from humans. Loves to be brushed and bathed, too.

Always smiling, always cheerful, your most loyal friend is waiting to come home.

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