8 year old male / Available at the Station

Captain is the captain of Pug Nation Rescue, and would be the happy captain of your home, under you, of course. He’s the boss, but only by name. Really – he just likes to play. Captain is the captain of adventures, and if you follow him he will lead you to a whole new world.

Playful, cheerful, always curious, Captain will help you find great adventures, even if it’s just in your kitchen. Captain has the temperament of a child at play—a mellow, adult child. He loves his toys. He loves his food. He loves his adventures at sea—or rather his adventures wherever you might take him. Once Captain trusts you, he will follow you anywhere.

Captain was a stray before finding his way to us. In the beginning, he didn’t have much use of his back legs due to some nerve damage and arthritis. However, with daily stretches, he is starting to stand and even walk a few steps on his own! He’s fast; especially when he’s in his wheelchair. Captain is as sweet and loving as they come; always happy to see you. He’ll throw himself into your lap for affection and belly rubs. He’ll also stare into your eyes. Seriously. Try it.

Captain does fine with other dogs, but has been known to get a little nippy with them (and humans) when he’s excited. His favorite place is to be wherever the humans are. Although he’s getting stronger in the hind-end, Captain does need to have his bladder expressed several times a day. Once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s like second nature.

Take the plunge. Captain will lead you on an adventure that will widen your world and open your heart.

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