10 year old male / Available at the Station

Sweet Otice was relinquished by his family because they couldn’t care for him. Poor guy is diabetic and doesn’t have much sight left due to cataracts forming. He loves to be loved on by humans – he even gets a little smile on his face! He can be a bit talkative when he wants to, but we feel that is partly due to his lack of sight and not knowing where he is. He was getting along with the other dogs for a little bit, but lately he’s gotten a little nippy with them. He would probably do best in an only dog home where he could receive all the attention from his human.

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The Grumble

16 year old males and females / Available at the Station

This sweet grumble of 6 – Filch, Roni, Snape, LeStrange, Mad Eye and Harry – were relinquished to us because their owner could no longer care for them. We were told that 2 of them are the mom and dad; the other 4 are their kids. They are the most bonded Pugs we’ve probably ever seen. When one was taken to get a bath, the other 5 lined up against the pen waiting for him to come back. They even sometimes get up to drink water together! We know hoping for a home for all 6 to go to is a big ask, so we will be adopting them out 2 by 2. They are so friendly and sweet and just want a safe, loving place to call home.

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10 year old male mix / Available at the Station

Kennedy came to us from the Carlsbad Shelter. We’re not sure if he was an owner surrender or a stray, but he is a bit on the shy side. He tends to keep to himself, but he does get along well with other dogs. Oftentimes we see him curled up napping with 2 or 3 other dogs in the afternoon. We are currently treating him for a skin issue that is improving each day thanks to special medicated baths. Kennedy is a very sweet boy – with an irresistible under bite – who would do beautifully in a quieter home.

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8 year old female / Available at the Station

Piggy was relinquished to us by her owner because they could no longer care for her. She loves nothing more than getting attention from a human; so much so that we’ve noticed she has a bit of separation anxiety. She adores a good belly rub, too. Piggy can sometimes be nippy with other dogs as she gets jealous easily. We had her in our larger pen and she was just too overwhelmed. She’d do best as the only dog in the home. Piggy is also food aggressive. We hope that there’s a special someone out there who would open their heart to Piggy and give her the forever home she deserves.

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Sweet Cheeks

10 year old female / Available at the Station

Sweet Cheeks, at the age of 10, was relinquished to us by her owner. She is a sweet and friendly girl who seems to just want some love and attention. She is currently being treated for a pesky cough that may be due to a narrowing in her windpipe. Sweet Cheeks is loving and very mellow. She gets along just fine with other dogs and would make a wonderful, loyal addition to any family.

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14 year old male / Available at the Station

Bogey was relinquished to the Carson Shelter by his family who stated they could no longer afford his medical care. Although he is blind, he seems to get along somewhat well by scent. We also discovered that he is not neutered; due to his age, we are electing not to put him through the surgery. Bogey is a gentle and quiet boy who gets along just fine with other dogs and would make a wonderful addition to any family. We picture him as a couch buddy happily living out his remaining years with his human.

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9 year old male / Available at the Station

Benoit was taken to the Shelter when he had been found roaming as a stray. It’s a miracle he made it on his own as he doesn’t have much vision left. He also has some hind-end weakness due to arthritis. He is a gentle boy; very friendly and sweet. He can be a little talkative sometimes, but it seems to be when he wants human attention. He’s great with other dogs, too. Lots of times we see him sharing a bed with one of them for an afternoon nap. Benoit would be a great addition to any home. He just wants to be loved for his remaining years.

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8 year old male / Available at the Station

This handsome boy was found roaming the streets all by himself. He is an active guy, who has a personality bigger than he is. He can be quite a talker, especially if there is a lot of commotion going on around him. We’ve also found that he’s good with other dogs most of the time, but he has started a few tiffs here and there. Dante is great with humans and loves getting lots of attention. He would probably do best either in an only dog home, or one where he is the alpha.

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1 year old female mix / Available at the Station

Breezy was stuck in the South LA Shelter where she had been taken in as a stray. Although shy when she first arrived, she has definitely come out of her shell. She loves to be held and cuddles as much as she loves playing with other dogs. Breezy is a great little walker and listens when needing to be disciplined. Her forever home would need to have high, secure fencing around the perimeter because she is an escape artist who loves to climb. She would also be happiest if her home had another dog for her to play with.

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13 year old male / Available at the Station

Milo was relinquished to us by his owner because she could no longer give him the care and attention he deserves. Milo was born deaf and, due to age, is going blind. His sense of smell is still very much intact as he knows when someone is close, by their scent. However, it’s still best to approach him slowly as not to startle him. Milo does well with other dogs, although sometimes, it can get a little rowdy when he bumps into them because he can’t see them. Despite Milo’s age and ailments, we know he’d make a great addition to a loving home. He adores receiving attention from humans. Loves to be brushed and bathed, too. The best thing about Milo is he’s always smiling.

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13 year old male / Available at the Station

Curly was stranded at the Downey Shelter because his owner turned him in. We don’t have specific reasons why, but we think age may be part of it. This precious gentleman has lost most of his sight and some of his hearing, but adores love from humans! When he first came to us, he had a terrible skin issue, but with weekly medicated baths, he has improved tremendously. Curly gets along beautifully with other dogs, but really seems to prefer to be napping or playing with his stuffed animals. He’s not much of a walker, so we think he would do best in a less active home where he could be a couch buddy with his human. We hope someone will fall in love with this sweet senior and give him a loving home for his remaining years.

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13 year old female / Available at the Station

Shorty was relinquished by her owner because they were moving in with family who are allergic to dogs. Shorty is very sweet and gentle. She has some age related hind-end weakness, but that doesn’t slow her down when the excitement of meal time takes over her. We also suspect that she is partially deaf. She recently had an eye removed because of a painful ulcer and is currently nursing one in the other eye. However, she’s coming along well. She is getting braver in approaching humans for attention when they come into the pen. Outside of meal-time when she barks with excitement, she’s relatively quiet. She does just fine with other dogs and if the spirit moves her, is even a bit social. She is good with a walk, so long as it is kept short. We are hoping there is someone out there who will fall in love with her and give her the forever home she deserves for the remainder of her years.

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13 1/2 year old male / In foster

This handsome little boy is Kush and he was relinquished to us by his owners as they could no longer care for him. He is such a sweet and gentle guy; still a bit shy about receiving affection. He acts like he’s not used to it, but he is slowly starting to come around. He is quiet and keeps to himself, but does get along with other dogs. We had a scare when we were told that he may have bladder cancer. It turns out that it’s actually just a stone that makes it difficult sometimes for him to urinate. We are having him seen and treated by one of our specialty vets. We hope there is someone out there willing to love and spoil this deserving boy for the remainder of his life.

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8 year old male / Available at the Station

Captain was a stray before finding his way to us. In the beginning, he didn’t have much use of his back legs due to some nerve damage and arthritis. However, with daily stretches, he is starting to stand and even walk a few steps on his own! He’s fast; especially when he’s in his wheelchair. Captain is as sweet and loving as they come; always happy to see you. He’ll throw himself into your lap for affection and belly rubs. He’ll also stare deep into your eyes. Seriously. We’ve had several people comment that it’s as if he’s looking into your soul. He does fine with other dogs, but has been known to get a little nippy with them (and humans) when he’s excited. His favorite place is to be wherever the humans are. Although he’s getting stronger in the hind-end, Captain does need to have his bladder expressed several times a day as he doesn’t have the muscles to urinate fully on his own. He’s one of the easier ones to express and once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s like second nature.

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6 1/2 year old male / Available at the Station

Poor Sidney was stuck at the Downey Shelter as a stray when we picked him up. He is blind for the most part, although we think he may see shadows, and his hearing isn’t so great. He still can get around pretty well despite those issues. He is friendly with humans, but is still getting used to be held and loved on. Oftentimes, he gets pretty squirmy when he feels he’s being held for too long. He likes to take walks, but seems to be content just napping in a comfy bed. Due to his lack of sight, tiffs have broken out between him and other dogs because he is easily startled; we feel he’d probably do best in an only dog home. We hope there’s someone out there who is patient and willing to give a special guy like Sidney a chance at his forever home. He deserves it!

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