5 year old female mix / Available at the Station

Frannie was patiently waiting for someone to rescue her from the Riverside Shelter and give her a ride to our facility. She is a shy little girl who takes her time to warm up to you. She is worth the wait, as she is so sweet and loving. We currently have her separated to be sure she isn’t contagious to the others. Once the Dr. gives his consent, we’ll let her run with the bunch to see how she gets along.

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2 year old male mix / Available at the Station

Ethan was at the Inland Valley Shelter before hitching a ride to our facility. He’s a sweet little boy, who’s a bit on the shy side. He enjoys a good walk and has lots of energy. For now, because he came from a shelter, he is spending the required time in our isolation. Once our vet gives the ok, we’ll let him out to meet the others and see how he does.

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8 year old male French Bulldog / Available at the Station

Touki was stuck in the Chula Vista Shelter before hitching a ride to our facility. Although sometimes on the shy side, he is very friendly. He likes taking walks and will oftentimes want to run – albeit not for very long. He adores getting human attention and he’ll give you lots of love whenever you tell him he’s a “good boy”. He’s been known to give “attack kisses”, too. Touki is great with other dogs; always trying to get them to chase him. Due to his energy level, we think he’d do great in an active home, especially one with a yard for him to play in.

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12 1/2 year old female / Available at the Station

Lola was surrendered to the Santa Barbara Shelter by her owner for reasons unknown to us. Most likely it’s due to her age. She’s an older lady, but very interactive and social with humans. She has a pretty severe head-tilt due to chronic ear infections, but that doesn’t stop her from showing you a happy tail when you love on her! Because she came from a shelter, she is spending the required time needed in our isolation to be monitored for contagious symptoms. Once our vet gives the ok, we’ll let her meet the rest of the bunch to see how she gets along.

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10 year old male / Available at the Station

Oh Montague. Those teeth! We can never resist falling for a Pug with snaggly teeth and Montague has the perfect set. He is the epitome of a gentleman: handsome, polite and friendly with other dogs. He will patiently wait his turn – with a happy tail – to be loved on when a human visits. He adores being held and cuddled, especially when in your lap. Every once in a while, “Monte” will even return the love with a kiss for you. Despite having luxating patellas, he has lots of energy, walks well on a leash and enjoys being out and about. We know Montague will be the perfect addition and companion to any home lucky enough to call him theirs.

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Thursday & Wednesday – bonded

1 1/2 year old male and female / Available at the Station

Thursday was relinquished to us with his gal-pal, Wednesday. Their owners could no longer care for them. Thursday is the more social of the two; he approaches you almost the minute you step foot into his pen. He adores getting attention and love from the humans! He loves being held, cuddled and giving lots of kisses. He is very interactive and social with other dogs, although he seems happiest just being with Wednesday.

Wednesday is very much on the timid side and takes a little while to warm up; seeming to be most at ease when Thursday is around. Once she gets to know you, however, she is as happy as can be to see you! With a happy tail, she’ll try to be the first to greet you every time. She’s very energetic and likes to play. She’s also good with other dogs. They are definitely a bonded pair, so they would need to go to a home together.

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7 year old male French Bulldog / Available at the Station

Rosco was taken to the Carson Shelter where his owner surrendered him. We assume his health was the issue, as he suffers from hind-end weakness. Our vet found that he’s pretty arthritic in the spine. Despite that, he can get around pretty well for the most part, he’s just a little slower. He’s also able to eliminate on his own. Rosco is very friendly. He still has lots of energy, but can also be mellow when he feels like it; enjoying a good nap in the afternoon. He’s also great with other dogs. Rosco would be a great companion and addition to any home. His forever family would be lucky to have him!

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3 year old female mix / Available at the Station

Petunia was relinquished by her owners because they could no longer care for her. Although we are still getting to know her, we do know that she’s a little timid when first approached. However, she is friendly. She’s also quite talkative when she wants to be. We currently have her separated to be sure she doesn’t have anything that could be contagious to the others. When she gets the green light, we’ll monitor her around the other dogs to see if she gets along.

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3 year old male mix / Available at the Station

Deacon, who sports one of the greatest under-bites we’ve seen, was a stray from the Baldwin Park Shelter. He has energy for days and will do just about anything for a walk! He is still learning commands, but he’s smart, receptive and obeys well. He loves to play with other dogs and explore his surroundings. He seems to crave human attention, as he’s one of the first to greet you when you enter his pen. Deacon would do well in an active home that is patient and willing to train him. He’s quite a jumper, so his residence would need to be very secure with high fencing.

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8 year old male mix /Available at the Station

Freckles has had a pretty hard time. He was taken to the SEAACA Shelter where it was discovered that he had a mass that pretty much covered the span of his back leg. Our vet determined that it was a pretty aggressive cancer. It was removed along with other smaller tumors. We don’t know how much time he has, or how quickly the masses may reoccur, but for now, he’s a happy guy. He loves people and other dogs; always seen with his tail wagging. We hope there’s someone out there willing to give this little guy a place to call home for however much time he has left.

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9 1/2 year old female / Available at the Station

Missy was a stray when she was taken to the Palmdale Shelter. How she got along on her own, we’re not sure, as she doesn’t have very good sight. She is a quiet, gentle girl and very friendly. She enjoys a good walk – with help from her human – and is quick to wag her tail to show her happiness toward you. Missy interacts well with other dogs, although she’s fine being on her own. Our staff says she sometimes walks around like she has something very important to do! Missy is a treasure. Because she’s so easy-going, we feel she would do well in a mellow home.

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12 1/2 year old male / Available at the Station

Franklin was a stray at the Harbor Shelter before making his way to us. Franklin is a gentle giant; our staff says he looks like a cartoon character and has a charming smile. He adores attention from people and although arthritic in the hind-end, he’ll do all he can to make his way to you for some love. He enjoys a good head and back scratch and seems most content just laying at your feet. He’s good with other dogs, however, he’s not always a fan of sharing his bed. Franklin is a mellow guy until mealtime, at which point he lets loose all of his anticipation. Since he can be overly excited about his food, it’s best that he be fed separate from other dogs. We feel he’d probably do best in a less-active home where he could be the only apple of his humans’ eye.

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12 1/2 year old mix / Available at the Station

Dolly was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Shelter by his owner at the tender age of 12. This little boy is friendly, but is still getting used to the idea of being loved and cuddled on by humans. He’s curious about them, though, and will make his way over when a human visits the pen. He is social and friendly with other dogs and seems to be interested in playing. Dolly does suffer from a narrowing windpipe, which causes him to sometimes cough. However, we have him on special medication and it has already helped him tremendously. We really believe he’d bloom even more once in a home and we hope there’s someone out there willing to give this precious senior the patience and love he needs to feel safe.

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8 year old male / Available at the Station

We don’t have much history about Ludwig. All we know is that he was found in Westminster. He has a bit of hind-end weakness and is carrying around a little too much weight, so we started him on the Pug Nation diet. Hopefully with some weight loss, he’ll be able to walk easier. Ludwig is a sweet boy who always seems to have a smile on his face. He is as friendly as can be and when he sees a human, he’ll push his way through the others to be the first to receive love. He’s got lots of energy, despite the hind-end weakness, and gets along great with other dogs. Although, sometimes he can be a bit overbearing for some of them. Ludwig is a character and we know he’d keep his forever family entertained at all times!

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4 year old male mix / Available at the Station

Oh Newbee…such a special boy. So full of life and love and wonder. Honestly, he’s a difficult one to describe with words. Some adjectives that do the “Newb” justice include, but are certainly not limited to: jolly, affectionate, friendly, slightly clumsy and totally, 100% adorable. Newbee is on medication for epilepsy to control his seizures. Fortunately for this chap, the meds work well for him and he has only had one seizure during his stay with us. He adores human attention – loves being in a lap getting cuddles and gets along just fine with other dogs. He is an utter joy to have around and would certainly bring insurmountable happiness to any lucky home.

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